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is a work of art

your parenthood

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You know there's something powerful about a photograph.  It's the reason you pull out your phone, take a snap, and share it on your feed.  It's the reason people spend thousands of dollars on wedding photography.  There's something important there--worth holding on to, worth sharing.  In that moment you recognize something eternal Noone will deny that photographs are important.  But who is photographing you?  Yes, your babies change so fast and we want to capture that.  We will capture that.  But you are such an essential part of this story.  Your part can't be missed.  I love to photograph babies and kids (and I kinda think they love it when I do), but the story I'm especially interested in is yours, moms & dads.

I've put together a special event for moms next month, and I've deeply discounted it from now until Mother's Day.  Check out this blog post on why this is so important...

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Come on by and check out these amazing families' artwork . . .

becomes art

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We felt so at ease during the entire shoot. 


So very

they feel natural and organic and un-posed and perfect, and my kiddos loved her.

thank you!