May 25, 2020

Photography Sessions that Create Connection

In a soft cushy chair, curled up close with your favorite book, your little one gently puts his hand on yours. He relaxes and sinks into your body, like two puzzle pieces that were made to fit together. You press your nose against his freshly washed hair and breathe in the scent that you know so well, the scent that is uniquely his. You know you won’t always get to be this close with him, his size won’t always fit perfectly in your lap. He won’t always want your face in his hair. Someday his hands will be too busy on a bike or a video game controller to rest gently on yours.

Imagine having images of those moments. The small ones that you savor but can’t re-create, can’t get back. Imagine having them big on your wall to remind you every day of those sweet times. Imagine them in a book, telling the story of your special connection with each other.

Parents, it’s those moments you feel you want to hold on to forever, but they’re perpetually slipping out of your grasp. We need to stop them still so we can hold them as the keepsakes that they are.

You’re giving so much to your precious children, devoting your bodies, your time, your sleep, your energy, and every piece of your heart. Will they remember? There’s no doubt the benefits of your devotion will outlast you, but will they truly know the tenderness in your grasp and the sparkle in your eyes as you wrapped your arms around them and studied their sweet faces? We must show them. They must know and their children must know and their children’s children must know that they come from a legacy of love and connection and meaning.

It’s the whole reason why my favorite sessions are the ones in your home where you and your babies feel most at ease. There’s nowhere else that these connections happen more frequently or more genuinely than at home. It’s where you rest your weary souls together. You lean back into that home that you’ve made Home and trust it to hold you, keep you safe, and foster love and connection. That’s the moment I want to be there, to capture that.

I want to join you in that and be the noticer who captures those fleeting moments for you. I want to be your Memory Keeper.

If this resonates with you and you’re feeling that urgency in your heart to not waste another minute, lets talk. Lets get those sweet moments on your walls and in your photo books for you to keep forever.

Not comfortable with the idea of in-home? I really am more than capable of making beautiful images in the humblest of homes (believe me). I ask you to trust me.

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