I want to give you something you've never had before.  I want to give you a mirror that reveals the true beauty of your love for your family.  Images that anchor you to this moment in time in a positive way.   It can be challenging as parents to feel like we are doing a good job, let alone delivering something worth remembering.  But believe me, you are.  This you, this ordinary, flawed, deeply devoted, wonderful you is showing up and pouring yourself out for the sake of another life.  Could anything be more worthy of capturing?




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I’m Khursten--introvert mom to four little birds (two girls and one boy) and wife to Aaron (who is a firefighter and real estate photographer--see our real estate site here).

Things you can get me talking about for hours: my family, personality typing (I am an INFJ & Enneagram Type 4), music, interpersonal communication (I have a degree in it so watch out), theology, parenthood and marriage, real estate, music, and art.  





I'm a parenthood photographer.

this is me...

I can be my best self when I get time to be totally alone to recharge and enter my creative mental space.

and alone


I thrive in nature.  I love Alaskan summers for the endless offerings of things to do outdoors, but every winter I struggle.



I've always liked a lot of flexibility in my life.  I like to go with the flow and see what will happen.



I absolutely hate dishonesty and deceitfulness.  I've been lied to a lot in my life and I've become pretty good at detecting it.

is the best policy