I like to try to keep things super simple, but it's important that we are a solid photographer and client fit.  My hope is that this page will help you to decide if we are.

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You want an easy, stress-free experience that will result in images that reflect your family's true connections.

You want to be able to trust your photographer to see and capture the beauty you see every day.

You understand that the parts of your life that sometimes look ordinary + messy are the same parts that are worth remembering.

You're a family with babies or small children and you're desperately grasping to remember each and every precious stage.

You're a parent who sometimes finds it hard to see the value in what you're doing day-in and day-out, and every bit of photographic evidence of your love and devotion would mean the world to you.

You're tired of the perfection culture that social media perpetuates, and you just want your family documented for who and what they are, right now.

You want your home, the place where life as they (your kids) know it happens, to be a part of your photographic memories.

You love the power of a story more than a perfectly posed image.

You want to invest in heirlooms that will not only bless, but inform your children and ancestors for generations to come.

You don't just want a photo that's beautiful, you want a photo that stirs your emotions and evokes your memories.

We might be a great fit for each other if:

Are you a busy mama who knows you'll regret not documenting your beautiful life? 

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