We truly believe in the power of high quality photos to make a house stand out so it can be sold faster and for a higher price. Giving your clients a listing with professional photos proves to them that you value their business and are working hard for them, which will result in more referrals!

All bookings from now until June 2023 will INCLUDE exterior drone photos (in drone-permissible locations only).

We will always provide AT LEAST the following with every shoot:

2 exterior photos of the front
2 exterior photos of the back
3 photos of the kitchen/dining
3 photos of the family/living room
2 photos of the master bathroom
1 photo each of guest bathrooms
2 photos per bedroom
1 photo of garage
1 photo of any extra rooms (laundry, office, etc)

Travel charges are $.58 per mile to any locations in excess of 30 miles from our home office. Additional charges will apply for remote locations.

Extra buildings/structures (except garden sheds) are +$50 each.
Contact us for pricing on B&B/VRBO photography

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Copied from our contract:
Ownership: All Photos and rights relating to them, including copyright and ownership rights in the media in which the Photos are stored, remain the sole and exclusive property of the Photographer.

License: The Photographer hereby grants to Client exclusive, limited, non-transferable, royalty-free, perpetual license of the Photos (for during the Term of this Agreement) to exercise the rights as follows: 

    1) Client has the limited right to use, reproduce, publicly display, and distribute the Photos only for promotional, advertising, or market comparison purposes directly related to the sale of the Property. Photographer allows Client to use the Photos with third-parties for marketing purposes directly related to the sale of the Property only. Photos used for any purpose not directly related to the sale of the Property must be with the express permission of Photographer and the payment of additional fees, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Client is responsible to obtain the necessary model or property releases from the property owner.

    2) Photos may be uploaded to any multiple listing service solely for promotion of the Property during the pendency of this Agreement. Client’s Rights do not permit Client to authorize other third-parties to copy, display or distribute the Photos for the purpose of providing services competitive with the Photos you have purchased from us, unless we give you our written permission. Client is not liable for actions taken by third-parties which Client is unaware of. However, regardless of any terms and conditions of the MLS, at no time does this Agreement provide Client with the right to transfer copyright, or any other exclusive rights as provided by the Copyright Act 17 U.S.C § 106. Photos may contain copyright management information (CMI) at the discretion of the Photographer in the form of either 1) a copyright notice © and/or 2) other copyright and ownership information embedded in the metadata or elsewhere, unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties. Removing and/or altering such information is prohibited and constitutes violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and Client will be responsible to the Photographer for any penalties and awards available under the statute. 3) Unless otherwise specifically provided elsewhere in this document or other signed agreement between the parties, for real estate, these rights are valid indefinitely, so long as Client has the listing. If Client no longer has the listing, Client gives up the rights to use the Photos. Client is not required to remove the photos from the MLS listing. Rights are assigned to the Client immediately upon delivery of the Photos.